Email etiquette part II

| Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Use reply function correctly
• Keep original subject line intact
• Add reply above the original message
Emotion symbols
•No emotion symbols in business mails
•Commonly used emoticons like J ,L
Check spelling
•Use your auto spell-checking program
•Manual spell check
It can't distinguish between to, two, and too or its and it's
Attach documents to messages
•Brief about attachment
•Do not attach unnecessary files
•Do not copy attachment without permission
Create a signature file
• Identification
• Alternate ways of reaching
Hi - when did you want to go to lunch?
Neha Rajen, Software Engineer
ABC Software Pvt Ltd.( An SEI-CMMI Level 5 assessed & ISO 27001 Company)
Pune - 411 006, India
Telephone: +91-020-66044700 x 1512
Fax : +91-020-66044700 -1512 (personal)
Prioritize message
•Assign high, normal, or low priority
•Helps readers decide how quickly to read and respond
Ø Attractive subject line
Ø Provide strong lead
Ø Select right tone
Ø Provide executive summary
Ø Inverted pyramid of ideas
Ø Sentences on a diet
Ø Avoid e-mail pitfalls
Ø Format the message
Attractive subject line
• Capture the recipient's attention
• Clear and concise
e.g. Prefer "Third quarter sales up by15%“
over "Quarterly results“
Provide strong lead
• Grab the reader's attention
• Include salutation and signature

Select the right tone
Think about the five W's
• Who
• What
• Why
• When
• Where
Provide executive summary
• Brief summary in non-technical, conversational
• Enables reader to understand message
• Maintains reader’s interest
Inverted pyramid of ideas
• Put descending order of importance
Sentences on diet
• Easy to comprehend
• No searching of buried ideas
Avoid e-mail pitfalls
• Don't vent
• No humor
• Careful with abbreviations and acronyms
• Avoid yelling
Format the message
• Right Typeface
- Proper font and size
• Proper Emphasis
- Bulleted list or italicizing, underlining
• Screen Color
- Neutral or light background with dark letters in the foreground
• Appropriate Margins
Ø Write a meaningful subject line
Ø Keep the message focused and readable
Ø Be concise and to the point
Ø Distinguish between formal and informal situations
Ø Respond promptly
Ø Do not attach unnecessary files
Ø Use proper structure & layout
Ø Show respect and restraint